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Respect Originality and Dare to Innovate

Wetowear, as a company with 20 years of clothing production experience, is constantly innovating in the field of streetwear, so that clothing can better show its personality.

Experienced Designer

We not only have senior designers with more than 20 years of experience, but also have a group of creative young designers, we have the ability to realize the idea of clothing brand, we can provide you with professional advice to beautify your design, make it stand out in your market

Accurate Research and Development Before New Product Release

We keep an eye on the market and keep up with the trend, including styles, fabrics and colors. Our team focuses on developing fashionable and comfortable fabrics. Different fabrics have their own characteristics and should be suitable for different designs. We know this, and we're focused on it.

Develop 20 New Products Every Day

We combine market trends and apply new fabrics and colors to our trendy clothing. These new designs will be uploaded to our website monthly and we will also update our catalog once new styles become available. It gives you the opportunity to diversify your options and enhance your brand recognition.

Innovative Fabrics and Craftsmanship

Explore the use of novel materials and innovative production processes to create one-of-a-kind garments. Using environmentally friendly materials, digital printing technology, 3D printing, screen printing, puff printing and other innovative methods can bring freshness to your designs.

Mr. Tu, Chairman of Wetowear

Our brand "We to wear" is not just a fashion choice, but an attitude to life.

Hello everyone, I am the founder of wetowear brand First of all, I would like to thank you for your long-term support of wetowear. We would also like to thank every friend who has helped us in the past few years of establishing the brand. Wetowear has been determined from the beginning to create a streetwear brand that represents youthful trendy personality. We hope to satisfy consumers' desire for individual expression by designing unique styles. In the past journey, we have also gained a lot of valuable experience. Now, wetowear has grown into a small and medium-sized brand with certain influence. But this is just the beginning. We will continue to listen to the needs of consumers and develop more novel designs. At the same time, we will also strengthen brand building and let more people know about wetowear through multi-channel interaction. In the future, wetowear will continue to optimize on the basis of its online and offline store network to provide everyone with better services. We also plan to cooperate with more fashion-forward designers to jointly explore new possibilities of street culture. At this new starting point, I sincerely invite everyone to continue to pay attention to wetowear. You are also welcome to communicate with us through various channels and participate in the brand's growth process! Wetowear will work hand in hand with consumers to write a new chapter of youth together.

Wetowear Designer

In-depth understanding of fashion trends, to create a series of fashion items full of personality and creativity for you


Grasping the Essence of Urban Pulse through Travel

Travel allows me to capture the heartbeat of the city. I infuse the spirit of street culture into my designs, using bold lines and unique palettes to shape personalized tees and hoodies.


Harmonizing Timeless Elements into Modern Fashion

My style is a fusion of modern and vintage. By drawing from fashion history, I create deep and vibrant streetwear that bestows your brand with distinctive allure.


Embracing a Spirit of Fearless Creativity

Rooted in freedom and creativity, my designs are inspired by street art and music. I infuse each pattern with a bold spirit, capturing the essence of vibrant street fashion.

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