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What Customization do We Offer?

We have an entire team dedicated to creating clothing patterns. We can make menswear, womenswear, kidswear, parent-childwear, sportswear, T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, etc.

Custom style

We provide customization of any style. You can provide us with design drawings and complete 100% sample proofing, or provide design concepts. Our designers with 20 years of clothing experience will serve you.


Polo Shirt

Henley Shirt


Denim Jacket

Long Sleeve

Biker Jacket

Custom fabrics

Wetowear will customize your own fabric and color based on the Pantone color number or fabric color sample you provide. We can provide any fabric you need.
  • Cotton Fabric

    Advantages - Highly hygroscopic, breathable, soft to the touch, easy to clean, and affordable. Disadvantages - poor durability, easy to pill.

    Knitted fabric

    Advantages - strong elasticity, suitable for various body types, comfortable texture, easy to make various styles, and low price. Disadvantages - poor hygroscopicity and easy to deform.

    Fleece fabric

    Advantages - It feels extremely soft and comfortable, has excellent thermal performance and has a stylish appearance. Disadvantages - higher price and difficult to clean.

    Twill fabric

    Advantages - Tough and durable texture, elegant and simple appearance, suitable for various styles, easy to clean. Disadvantages - poor hygroscopicity, average anti-wrinkle ability.

    Woven fabric

    Advantages - strong sense of style, flexible matching, solid and durable texture, and good durability. Disadvantages - higher price and difficult to clean.

    Denim fabric

    Advantages - Strong durability, simple yet fashionable appearance, affordable price. Disadvantages - Poor hygroscopicity, difficult to clean.

    Nylon cloth

    Advantages - high strength, good waterproofing, easy to clean, low price, and strong durability. Disadvantages - Poor hygroscopicity, slightly hard to the touch.

    Linen fabric

    Advantages - strong breathability, good hygroscopicity, fresh and natural, soft touch, strong weather resistance. Disadvantages - higher price, average strength, easy to pill.

    Polyester fabric

    Advantages - high strength, waterproof and breathable, quick to clean, weather-resistant, and affordable.Disadvantages - slightly hard to the touch and poor hygroscopicity.

  • Wool fabric

    Source: Hair from sheep
    Features: Natural material, soft and warm to the touch, breathable and hygroscopic. However, the price is higher, and it is not resistant to high temperatures and is prone to pilling.

    Mohair fabric

    Source: hair from horses
    Features: soft and warm to the touch, cheaper than wool. But it's not as breathable and moisture-absorbing as wool, and it's also prone to pilling.

    Cashmere fabric

    Source: Short fleece from sheep
    Features: Light, soft and warm to the touch, medium price. But it's not as breathable and moisture-absorbing as wool, and it's also prone to pilling.

    Cotton fabric

    Source: plant cotton fiber
    Features: Low price, suitable for summer clothing. However, it has poor hygroscopicity and is not suitable for cold weather.

    Acrylic fabric

    Source: Man-made fibers
    Features: Soft and comfortable, highly durable, not easy to pill. But it doesn’t feel as warm to the touch as natural fibers.

    Polyester fabric

    Source: Man-made fibers
    Features: Soft and breathable, durable and anti-wrinkle. It feels cold to the touch and is not suitable for low temperatures.

Customized pattern

The wetowear factory has independent pattern development capabilities and many process options, such as DTG, white ink heat transfer (heat transfer), embroidery, embossing, embroidery, silk screen, foaming, washing, etc.

Pattern design and development capabilities

Wetowear has a professional design team, and the latest design patterns are updated every day

New Arrival

Custom Tag

MOQ 1000 pieces

We can produce labels in any size and shape for your clothing brand, we can also print cords in various materials on high quality label printing

Customized Private Label

MOQ 1000 pieces

Customize private label hot or woven labels, including selection of materials, colors, fonts and label sizes. Produce custom labels, satin sheets and cotton labels for your private label

Custom Care Labels

MOQ 1000 pieces

Care labels usually use satin material, you can write the composition of the fabric on your wash label and include instructions on how best to wash the garment, and you can add our own branded garment logo.

Custom Size Labels

Choose a variety of materials for your size labels, such as S, M, L or 6, 8, 10, 12, and can also be made according to the design style you want

Custom Packaging

It is recommended to use a compostable clothing bag for the inner plastic bag of clothing. You can make your brand's unique logo, graphics, and colors on the bag according to your ideas, so as to maintain your brand personality


We offer all the trimmings you need for a fashion garment, including buttons, zippers, patches, laces and fashion embellishments. Completely based on design ideas, help you quickly turn them into reality

Custom Size

We can customize clothes in any size for you

Customization Process

We have a complete customization process and strict quality control

Your inquiry

Wetowear is committed to creating a personalized brand for you. If you are interested in wetowear, please start with an email

Place an order

The confidence of wetowear lies in our products and services. If you have any needs, please contact us

Purchase fabric

Wetowear will contact the buyer to purchase the fabric you need as soon as you confirm the fabric, within 1-2 days

Board room proofing

After wetowear confirms the sample with you, we will immediately communicate with the designer and notify the board room for proofing.

Mass production

During the bulk period, you can contact wetowear at any time, and we will also update the order process regularly. As for the time, we can confirm it before placing the order.


Wetowear has a complete inspection process and has professional clothing inspectors

Packing and shipping

Wetowear relies on you to confirm that it is correct, and we will immediately arrange packaging and shipment for you. We will deliver it to you within 5-7 working days.

Customized Requirements

For more detailed requirements and questions about customized cooperation, please contact us

Sample fee

We accept the production of samples, and we will charge a sample fee of US$150 for the sample. I will refund this fee to you when you next make a large shipment. If the sample is too complicated, we will increase the sample fee.

Minimum order quantity

About the product, the minimum order quantity for large quantities is 100 pieces

Order validity

After our order is confirmed, if changes need to be made, we will charge a certain fee

Orovide information

If you have your own design (the design needs to indicate the specific size and location), you need to provide me with the psd file; if you do not have your own design, you need to provide me with the design theory

Other instructions

There are no special requirements for clothing accessories, such as clothing threads, woven labels, washing labels, etc. We will select them for you according to the designer's arrangements.

Creating custom fashion streetwear for over 12 years.

We have our own understanding of original fashion streetwear, and we are very concerned about your brand concept, let us create more fashion clothes for your brand and grow together
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